What’s a Tajine?

Is it Spanish or Moroccan? Is it a pot or a dish? Well, both. A Tajine is a cooking vessel and a tajine is a dish. Spelled with a “j” or a “g” this cooking pot, with its distinguished conical lid, is North African in origin and arrived in Spain with the Moors circa 711. The Moors conquered Spain and ruled until 1492 when they left Granada. Today, Moroccan’s continue to make and use their beloved Tajines.

Tajines are strikingly beautiful and they may be the easiest and most effective cooking vessel for extraordinary preparations of meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. The tajine is made of clay and provides even heat absorption and slow heat release. We believe Spain has the best (most incredible!) clay for tajines. Find one (ISeeSpain) and try one of our recipes or design one of our own and share it with us!

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