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A Taste of Spain Close to Home.

From spices to sauces … the only way to grate.

Grater Plates

Grater Bowls

Route 66 Dipping Oil

Spinach Salad

Beware of knock-off grater plates!

Our plates and bowls are carefully handmade and beautifully hand-painted in Spain

Our carefully curated collections cost 20% less than buying each piece of handmade cookware individually


Preserve freshness & flavor!

Mortar & Pestles

Garlic Keepers


Pecan Pesto

The story of “I See Spain” begins at the height of the Roman Empire.

Spanish pottery and ceramics with a unique trademark, rough surfaces fired into the cookware specifically designed for grating can be found dating back to the first century across the Mediterranean coast of Europe.

Fast-forward two millennia and we are proud to bring you these hand-painted ceramic cookware, tableware, and serving dishes from the heart of Spain.

Come exploring with us!

The Cookware Collection

Don’t Forget to Cure the Clay


Curing the clay cookware will strengthen the surface and make it more durable for prolonged use.

1. Soak in water for at least 4 hours
2. Fill your cazuela with water
3. Place in a cold oven
4. Bring up the heat low and slow to 350 degrees F for 3 hours





Lemon & Olive Chicken

Roasted Vegetables

Olla with Lid


Cream of Asparagus

Padrón Peppers

Garlic Roaster


Roasted Garlic Soup

Apple Crisps

Cooker with Lid

Clay Collections

Lemon Roasted Chicken

Prime Rib


His name is Bingo Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez, known as The Bing. His family is from Spain and Europe but he is an American. He is our Spanish Water Dog and he is the mascot of our website, iSeeSpain.com. He just turned four months old and he is a little miscreant with very lovable tendencies. In looks, you could not really call him handsome like his hunky male, black Lab cousins Dozer, Ranger and Mac. His looks are quite distinctive. No smooth, sleek black coat for Bingo. Think Keith Richards or better yet Eli Wallach in ” The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” and you’ll be close. His zest for movement and life almost seems like a character from an old western maniacally searching for gold in a graveyard.  So far he is top dog when it comes to tiring out his much larger Lab cousins and us. We love him.  Now we want to introduce Bingo to our ever expanding fan base for authentic clay cookware and pottery from Spain. Need I mention that Bingo eats from a Spanish clay vessel!

I See Spain is now part of a 125 year old tradition!

Come visit us at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. We are at the market by appointment, where we will be demonstrating our beautiful and functional handmade Spanish cookware and accessories. Please check with us to make sure we will be there.

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