A Letter From I See Spain

We at ”I See Spain” are trying to make the best of this very difficult situation. We want to thank our family and friends who have made our business thrive. We also want to thank all of our customers who have supported us by purchasing our unique Spanish products. We have greatly enjoyed interacting with all of you at our live events. We have had fun sharing Spain’s culture with you through it’s food and cookware. So far, we are safe and healthy but these are uncertain times. We are a small, family run company. The people who make all our products in Spain are our friends. They are also small family run businesses employing fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters. In other words they comprise entire families. They have done this for generations. We have built special relationships with them. In a way they are our own extended families. People are facing this hardship in many places around the world. Spain is suffering greatly. In our own small way we are adding our prayers for those afflicted in Spain, for those beyond and for you. At the end of all this we hope to meet you again at an event or online. God bless you and keep you safe and healthy.

-From all of us at I See Spain

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From spices to sauces … the only way to grate.

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Our plates and bowls are carefully handmade and beautifully hand-painted in Spain

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The story of “I See Spain” begins at the height of the Roman Empire.

Spanish pottery and ceramics with a unique trademark, rough surfaces fired into the cookware specifically designed for grating can be found dating back to the first century across the Mediterranean coast of Europe.

Fast-forward two millennia and we are proud to bring you these hand-painted ceramic cookware, tableware, and serving dishes from the heart of Spain.

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I See Spain is now part of a 125 year old tradition!

Come visit us at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. We are at the market by appointment, where we will be demonstrating our beautiful and functional handmade Spanish cookware and accessories. Please check with us to make sure we will be there.

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