Popular condiment in Lebanese restaurants, its more like a spread because of consistency. Good on literally everything- meat, veg, breads, eggs.

1c garlic cloves
2t diamond crystal kosher salt (1t table salt)
1/4c fresh lemon juice, divided 
1/4c ice water, divided
3c neutral oil, grape-seed or canola

Cut garlic in half lengthwise, remove germ of garlic on both sides. Place degermed garlic and kosher salt in food processor. Pulse in quick bursts. Scrape down sides frequently until all the garlic is finely minced. 

Add 1T of lemon juice  and continue to pulse. A paste will begin to form. Add another 1T of lemon juice, process until mixture is smooth and fluffy. 

With processor still running, drizzle 1/2c oil in a thin stream followed by 1T lemon juice. Continue in increments of 1/2c oil to 1T lemon juice until all are incorporated.  Yummy!

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