Storing Happy Garlic

For those of you who buy garlic in a jar, already minced and peeled, help is on the way! I have used ‘jar garlic’ in the tightest of pinches and I have done so with regret! This poor, cut and minced garlic, has half the flavor and lots of preservatives and it’s the only garlic that should ever be stored in a refrigerator.

Our kind of garlic, that fresh, wonderful, flavorful base of so many recipes, should always be stored in a cool, dry, place. The cooks of the Mediterranean have the perfect solution for storage – a ceramic garlic keeper.

These small, lidded vessels have ventilation holes to insure airflow and provide a dark, cool interior to keep your garlic fresh. ISeeSpain’s garlic keepers are brightly colored (made in Spain!) and perfect for your garlic and for display on a countertop - out of direct sunlight, of course! Our Spanish garlic keepers are also great for ginger root - another spice that should always be freshly grated.

Now that you have help, join me in always cooking with and enjoying the very best of garlic – its flavor and aroma and its true beauty!

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