Instant San Pellegrino Ginger Ale

During the summer when it reaches 900 degrees Celsius (global warming) we concoct this liquid phenom.  This drink will refresh you and possibly redirect your life.

  1. Peel a hunk of ginger (one of the rare times we ever peel it).
  2. Grate one tablespoon per liter or to taste.
  3. Pour off or drink a bit of mineral water from the bottle.
  4. Otherwise when you put the ginger into the bottle it will fizz over.
  5. Now stuff your grated ginger into the bottle.
  6. Gently turn bottle over to mix ginger.
  7. Slowly turn cap to relieve pressure.
  8. Pour over crushed ice.
  9. Squeeze a wedge or two of fresh lime into the drink.

This concoction is amazingly refreshing.  An old farmer once told me they used to drink it (using soda water) when they were getting scorched in the fields because it cooled them from within.

Someone else told me you could drink it to great effect, with a shot of vodka in it.  I don't know about that because I never tried it.  So get hot and thirsty and try it all.

Thanks and a tip of the hat.
Harry A. Wilder

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