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Finding Spain Wherever You Are – It’s Just One Taste Away

It’s close. It’s in your city, a Tapas bar,  or your own kitchen. First find a tapas bar. There are gaining in popularity and they’re filled with Spanish enthusiasts, foodies and sometimes homesick Spaniards. All of them know that the best way understand Spain is to taste it. When you taste Spain your senses sharpen and you exist through this gustatory, sensory experience.

This is not an exercise of imagination alone. This experiential moment takes you very close to Spain’s essence. Let’s face it, on YouTube you may catch a sight or sound from Spain. You wish you were in Spain but you can’t be there right now. Tapas makes Espana come alive.

You’ll soon be enjoying Spain with others rather than being alone and glued to a screen. See the vibrant colors of saffron and paprika, white Bomba rice and green courgette. Smell fragrant, aromatic spices borne on steamy air, refined and delivered. Taste the wine. You smile and your friends smile back. Anticipate, feel and taste real food. Ahhh. See Spain through your senses. Veo Espano!

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