Ahna Kollar, Featured Contributor

”Just close your eyes and she’ll be there” is the last line of the 1967 hit song Pretty Ballerina by The Left Banke. We can all close our eyes and envision the ballerina. She is made of the stuff of legends, fantasies and myths. She toe dances in swoons and arcs. She leaps and flutters into the arms of her leading man. 

The reality is far different. The performance is the tip of an iceberg of dedication, hard work and mental challenges. Professional ballerinas are the rarest of professional athletes. They merge their athleticism and incredible litheness into the beats of classical and modern musical arrangements. How hard is that? I can’t even imagine it. 

We know a professional ballerina. She is everything you might expect a ballerina to be. Ahna Kollar started dancing at two. Her mother enrolled her in a local dancing school. At age ten she stopped dancing to play sports but by thirteen she was back to her first love, dancing… to be continued.

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